St. Elizabeth Region Tour I

Since the 1990s, the parish has become a significant tourist destination, with most visitors going to the treasure beach area. The Appleton Rum distillery near Cockpit Country in the north of the parish, is also a tourist destination. ecological tourism along the Black and YS rivers, and in the Great Morass has been developed in recent years.


Bamboo Avenue - St. Elizabeth bamboo avenue

One of the most magnificent sights on the south coast main road is Bamboo Avenue, in the Holland area of St. Elizabeth Parish. Bamboo Avenue is a two and a half mile stretch of road between Lacovia and Middle Quarters which is lined with giant bamboo plants which tower above the road and cross in the middle to form a shady tunnel. The avenue was established in the 17th century by the owners of the Holland Estate to provide shade for travelers and to protect the road from erosion.

Other bamboo avenues exist in Jamaica, these are usually in mountainous regions. However, the bamboo avenue in Holland is the longest by far and the only one which covers a busy road.

The Appleton Estate Rum Tour

Located in the picturesque Nassau Valley in St. Elizabeth, the Appleton Estate Rum Tour will take you on a journey through time to learn about the history of rum and to give you an inside look at how the finest rum in the world is made.

Enjoy a guided tour of the artifacts that illustrate our history, visit the distillery to see the Copper Pot Stills that impart their distinctive character to our rums and are unique to Appleton. Visit the ageing house where our rums rest in oak barrels.

8A appletonAfter the tour, sample our full range of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums and enjoy a cocktail in our well stocked bar. Be sure to visit our gift shop, which sells the range of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums as well as a variety of Appleton souvenirs.

You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase the Appleton Estate Exclusive Jamaica Rum, which is only sold at the Estate and select travel retail outlets in Jamaica. Appleton Estate Exclusive is a luxurious blend of rums. These fine rums reflect the elements of the terroir that are exclusive to the Appleton Estate as well as our unique rum making process. Appleton Estate Exclusive Edition comes in a proprietary bottle with a cork finish and is packaged in a beautiful wooden gift box.

  • Admission and guided tour : US $ 30.00


After taking the tour you may find yourself wanting to return here every year, making a rum pilgrimage to pay homage to the exceptional spirits at the Appleton Estate.


St. Elisabeth Pelican bar

Boatride 50 minutes  | US $25.00 pp

9B Pelican BarIf you are looking for the perfect "get away from it all" experience then look no further than the Pelican Bar, a rustic wooden bar built on a sand bank a quarter of a mile out to sea, half way between Black River and Treasure Beach. The Pelican Bar is the perfect place to spend the day being busy doing nothing, sunbath, drink beer, swim in the shallow waters, eat fresh fried fish or even bring along your fishing gear to catch your own dinner!


The Pelican Bar quite literally began life as a dream, local fisherman Floyd Forbes dreamt one night of a bar built out to sea, resting on stilts. The clarity of the dream inspired Forbes to set about building this bar, which he did by transporting large planks of wood on his fishing boat. In 2001 the bar was completed and it was named "The Pelican Bar" after the large flocks of Pelicans who rested on the sand bank. It was originally used by Floyd and his friends to sit and take a break from a hard day's fishing. However, it didn't take very long for the local hotels to recognise the enormous potential of this picture perfect serenity.

Pelican Bar