Oracabessa tour

Sun Valley


Sun Valley is a working plantation located in the town of Oracabessa. The 90-minute tour of this plantation tells the story of the property from the slave era to the present day. On our tour, you will learn about tropical fruits and plants, taste coconuts, Otaheite apples, and other exotic fruits.

Admission fee:

  • US $15.00 pp


Firefly "Home of the Pirate Sir Henry Morgan"


Noël Coward’s mountaintop Jamaican home and burial site was originally owned by the infamous pirate and one-time governor of Jamaica, Sir Henry Morgan (1635-1688). The property offered a commanding view of the St. Mary harbour, and Morgan used it as a lookout.

Named for the luminous insects seen in the warm evenings, Firefly estate has a Beautiful panoramic view over the Caribbean Sea where he would sit at dusk watching the sunset as he sipped his brandy with ginger ale chaser .

Admission fee:

  • USD $ 10.00 (Entrance and guided tour)