Ocho Rios Tour II

Green Grotto Caves


Admission fees:

  • Adults: USD $20.00
  • Children (12 & Under): USD $10.00

Formed of coastal limestone, these caves were a haven for runaway slaves and pirates. The mammoth cave is full of rock formations, stalagmites, and stalactites, and has a roof of “ceiling pockets”. This labyrinthine cave boasts of a length of 1525 meters and a depth of 12 meters. The caves comprise a number of chambers and the beautiful Grotto lake. This is a natural wonder you should explore at least once.

Konoko Falls Gardens and Museum

Admission fees:

  • Adults: USD $20.00

Located in the premises of Konoko Falls River garden, Konoko Museum is housed inside a small structure in the middle of a picturesque landscape paradise. The collection of the museum comprises artifacts belonging to the Arawak, Spanish and colonial English settlement in the region.

Columbus Park at Discovery Bay


Columbus Park is a lovely three-acre garden in scenic discovery Bay .
The landscaped grounds are a memorial to Columbus, who is said to have first set foot on the island at this site in 1494. The park has many relics from the Spanish colonial period which are located in an open-air museum. Visitors can see an authentic waterwheel, cannons, and other such artifacts.

Seville Great House & Heritage Park


Opening hours:

  • Monday to Sunday
  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

This attraction offers impressive displays of historic artifacts and ruins dating from the period when Arawaks (Indian believed to have immigrated from Siberia) were the only inhabitants of Jamaica. The site also boasts many relics from the Spanish and English eras. Tours of the Great House are given, and the property is equipped with a mini-theatre and picnic grounds.

Turtle River Falls and Garden


The Turtle River Falls and Gardens is a 15-acre tropical garden conveniently located in the resort town of Ocho Rios. On the property, the Turtle River pours into 14 cascading waterfalls. Several varieties of indigenous and endangered plants grow naturally in the gardens. Exotic birds are housed in a walk-in-aviary and a beautiful Japanese Koi Pond helps to complete this tropical hideaway.


  • USD $20.00 per person

Catamaran Cruise (Booze Cruise)

Cool Runnings Catamarans has been offering chartered catamaran tours out of Ocho Rios for more than 20 years. Its signature harbor cruise departing from Mahagony Beach with snorkeling and the Dunn’s River Falls climb has been the hallmark for cruises in the area. Cool Runnings also offers food and beverage for the Cruise.

Admission fee:

  • USD $100.00 per person