Ocho Rios Region Tour III

Blue Hole Ocho Rios (A Hidden Gem)


The “Blue Hole” affectionately referred as the “Secret Falls” basks in the hills of Jamaica, these magnificent underground Caverns affords patrons to cliff dive and wade in it’s therapeutic Waters witch plunges in depth beyond 20ft.(Persons should be able to swim), your tour guides will guide you accordingly to ensure that you have a unforgettable experience.

The clear waters of the river wind through hills, forests and villages along their path to the Caribbean Sea. The Blue Hole is about a 30 minute drive away from the cruise pier in Ocho Rios. In this area, the river creates cascades of waterfalls which gush into a pool (“hole”), producing the most beautiful shade of blue! The Blue Hole is about 20 to 25 feet deep and is a great spot for a swim. There are small caves under the falls, Tarzan-type ropes for swinging into the pools, and you can hike along the stream to other falls and pools. The area is unspoiled by tourists.

Admission fees:

  • Adults: USD $15.00 per person
  • Children (12 years & under): USD $10.00

Meet the Rastafarians


Drive through Fern Gully to the top, make a stop with Colonel Castro and learn from the Rastafarians all about spices and fruits of Jamaica.