Montego Bay Tour I

Rose Hall Great House


The former home of Jamaica’s white witch Annie Palmer. The guided tour includes exploration of the house with its 18th-century decor and antiques . the tour ends with a visit to the dungeon, which has been transferred into a tavern. Walk the well-manicured gardens and see the palms beneath which Annie’s three husbands are said to be buried.

Partly because of her training in the occult arts during a childhood spent in Haiti, her servants called her the “Obeah (voodoo) woman,” the daughter of the devil, and “the White Witch of Rose Hall.”

Although some scholars claim that they can produce no evidence of this legendary figure’s cruelty or even of her debauchery, her story has been the subject of countless paperback Gothic novels.



  • US $25  Adults
  • US $13  Children 12 and under