Falmouth Tour I

Bamboo Rafting on the Martha Brae River


The Martha Brae river fills up on water from a tiny town called Windsor in the Cockpit Country rainforest. Sugar and other crops were sent from the plantations to the harbor for shipment to Europe via bamboo rafts, which are still made to the same design today.

your captain will greet you and show you to your raft, a 3o-foot-long construction made of bamboo poles. Once you’re all settled on your raft—each one has comfortable cushion seating—you’ll embark on an easy-going, slow-paced three-mile ride that will last just over an hour. A raft captain steering his bamboo boat down Jamaica’s Martha Brae River.

The Martha Brae River rides have grown in popularity being in close proximity to the home of TheLegend and eight-time gold medalist sprinter and Trelawny native, Usain Bolt.

Admission fee:

  • USD$ 65.00 per raft (2 persons)

Glistening Waters at the Luminous Lagoon

Luminous Lagoon Jamaica

The Luminous Lagoon stretches along the marshlands of Trelawny from the small community of Rock to the town of Falmouth. Located at the pivotal point where the Martha Brae River meets the Caribbean Sea. It was the single best place to observe and study microorganisms called dinoflagellates, which thrive in the layers where salt and fresh water combine and glow the brightest in shallow, warm water.

At night, the lagoon sparkles and glistens when disturbed, as these microscopic organisms produce an eerie glow, reflecting the outlines of fish and other objects in the water. The Luminous Lagoon is said to be the largest and most brilliant of four in the world, a fact that continually attracts and awes visitors and scientists from around the world.

The highlight of the Luminous Lagoon is a duration of a 45-minute tour, where you get to jump out and swim – your body surrounded by the luminous green glow.

Admission fee :

  • USD $25.00 per person

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